• Haley Mireles

We made a baby during the pandemic, but not the human kind.

Creating games has been a dream of ours for quite a while. I have been telling Jasper for years that he should create his own games or write books. He has a vast imagination, he is insanely detail-oriented, and is extremely well-versed in game mechanics.

Being stuck at home for months on end during the pandemic gave us the push to jump. With the absence of the typical busyness of life, we were able to reevaluate what we want for our lives and remember what our goals are. For me it has always been to own my own business, help others and give back, do things that stay true to my beliefs and my passions, and do things that make me truly happy. I have blended my hobby and dream together and believe I have found the perfect recipe to create all of those things for myself in my work. After 10 years of being a Hairstylist, Educator, and Coach in the salon/spa industry, it's time for my next chapter and a change of pace.

And then Unhallowed Ground Games was born! As the sole owner, I will be handling every aspect of publishing, marketing, creating relationships, and starting this business from the ground up. I will also be assisting Jasper with game design, but he is the primary mastermind behind our games. Every interaction you have with Unhallowed Ground Games will be with me (just so you know who you're talking to).

After we lay the foundation for our business, our future goal is to help others publish their games and bring their vision to life. We want to create with others, help others, and create community within a community.

Cheers to new beginnings, the unknown, and following your dreams!