• Haley Mireles

Shattered Lance

Turns out that naming a game is harder than naming a child.

We put up a few polls on some of the board game groups on Facebook. "Shattered Lance" was a top pick among the community. We loved it too since it perfectly portrays the theme and essence of our medieval jousting game. "Shattered Lance" is even a name of one of the cards in the game. It is also how you score the most points in a joust aside from unhorsing your opponent.

Great, we found the perfect name! *goes to to check if it is already taken* Disappointment came across us as we discovered that a game called "Shattered Lances" from 2005 is listed on BGG. It is a rule set about wargaming in the Crusade period. Since the game is from 15 years ago, it wasn't an actual board game, and it is completely different from the game we are creating (ensuring no confusion), I reached out to the people in the Board Game Design Lab Community for some advice. Some people recommended finding something completely unique, some people recommended to keep the name since it portrays the theme so well and sounds epic, and some people recommended reaching out to the company to get their blessing for using a version of the name. Upon further searching on BGG from people in the community and from my own searches, we learned that there are many popular game titles that have the exact same name as another game or a version with other titles in the name (Root, Nemesis, Eclipse, Pendulum to name a few).

I did my due diligence and reached out to the company of "Shattered Lances". Here is their response:

The people of the Board Game Design Lab Community assured me that we will not get roasted by the community for using the name "Shattered Lance"!

It feels good to finally put a name to our design.