• Haley Mireles

Our Very First Board Game

We have always been huge fans of jousting and love watching jousts at the Renaissance Festival and Scottish-Irish Highland Festival here in Colorado. This seems to be a theme that doesn't exist much within the world of board games, so we are creating it!

Our first game is a deck-building game with worker placement elements based on medieval jousting tournaments. Knights will face-off against each other over the course of a seven day tournament. They will participate in one-on-one matches and gain reputation and gold for their victories. Between matches they can go to the court to gain new items or mounts, gain favors from nobles such as the King and Queen, mingle with nobles to increase their reputation, or gain additional training for their knight and squires.

We are hiring a graphic designer and illustrator any day now! We are making sure we find the perfect person to bring our vision to life and turn these basic rough drafts into something amazing.

In the meantime, we are play testing everyday to make sure our mechanics are solid! Our goal is to bring this to you on Kickstarter in Fall of 2021.