Hello! Thank you for being here!

I am Haley Mireles, owner of Unhallowed Ground Games. Jasper Mireles is my husband and he is the primary creative mind in designing our games. Together we have two children and our cat, Momo.

Gaming has been a hobby and passion of mine since I was a child (Jasper too). It has provided a sense of community and has helped me create stronger relationships with my family and friends. It has helped bring unexpected people and lifelong friendships into my life. It has helped my strategical thinking, imagination, and creativity. Gaming has given me a brief escape from reality, stories to tell, and wonderful memories to reminisce on. These are the reasons I started Unhallowed Ground Games in June 2020. I am bringing my passion to life and hope to give these things to all of you through the games that we create.

Our Mission

We strive to create unique, fun, and engaging games that will help you connect with others, make memories, and provide a sense of community. We strive to create games that are inclusive to people of all walks of life and experience levels.

For creators, our vision is to inspire you to take the next step in making your dream a reality. We aim to help you bring your ideas to life and work together to create something that we collectively believe in. Passion, heart, and soul is the driving force in all that we do.